The Drunken Jerk: (fan favorite) flameflame

What can I say; I got all banged up one day and came up with the best recipe ever!!!! Tested it out with some friends and now it's LEGENDARY!!

2 ounces - $9.99

The Buzz Jerk:

Choose from any of the flavors from this menu, it's just made out of fresh turkey It's so tasty, you will think you're eating beef, assuming I didn't mix the two up.

4 ounces - $17.99

The I love you Man Jerk:

My own special version of teriyaki. I also use fresh honey and top it off with fresh garlic and sprinkle on some sesame seeds.

2 ounces - $9.99

The Know It All Jerk:

Here is the deal—I have been doing this for years and I am sure you have the best idea, so I will make whatever you want (within reason) I just don't want to hear you bitch if it sucks. Please email or call to submit your ideas.

4 ounces - $17.99

The Black Out Jerk: flame

I hope you like pepper! I use fresh black, pink, green and white peppercorns, Jamaican Jerk Sauce, and then top it off with some fresh parmesan.

2 ounces - $9.99

The Hey Baby How You Doin? Jerk:

I use 6 different types of BBQ sauce, everything from honey to Louisiana tangy.....Baby, it's good!

2 ounces - $9.99

The Hung Over Jerk: flameflameflame

Well, if you like spicy you will love this. I use fresh cayenne pepper, fresh red pepper flakes, sweet Japanese thai sauce and top it off with a kiss from the devil.

2 ounces - $9.99

Special Note:

There are many ingredients that I may not have mentioned. If you are allergic to certain things, on some stupid diet, are gluten free or what ever else that might make you cry and sue me please order somewhere else. I do this for a hobby and out of the goodness of my heart so please don't be a JERK!!!